Rental vehicles in

Puerto Rico since 1965.

Providing rental vehicles in Puerto Rico since 1965. Leaseway is a locally owned business with the best knowledge of the local market. Leaseway has branch offices at key locations and support throughout the entire island.

Prospective customers are provided advice on how to best operate and manage their vehicle fleet requirements in Puerto Rico. Leaseway has a maintenance and repair location where it controls the workflow so that customers who need service and support can do so in an efficient manner.

Leaseway has a fleet that depending on the time of year can be at around 1,000 vehicles including over 150 trucks of different types. Leaseway operates the youngest fleet of all rental companies including having the newest pcik up trucks available for rent.

Leaseway customers are local residents and visitors who need vehicles for sightseeing or whose car is in the shop. Insurance Customers and car dealers also rent temporary replacement vehicles for their customers. Local and major stateside companies rent and short and long term contracts cars, suvs, pick ups and trucks for their day to day operations.

Government accounts are short and long term leaseway customers so that they can have a fully operational fleet at all times.